Sep 25, 2012

Fix Tangled Doll Hair (several options)

Does your daughter have a beloved doll who has hair that looks something like this?

Mine did!
Several of them as a matter of fact!
I just knew there HAD to be a way to tame those frizzy-tangled locks on her friends.
So I began to search...
I found several techniques online and collected tips from friends.
Here are my not-so-scientific results.

First...  I gently washed the doll hair with Baby Shampoo or a mild liquid dish-washing soap.
Then I tried each technique.
Here is how they each worked out.


Olive Oil...
I gently worked the olive oil into the tangled mess of doll hair, making sure to thoroughly saturate each and every strand.
I kept the olive oil on the hair for about an hour while we ate dinner.
Then, starting at the ends, I tried to gently comb out the hair.


I ended up with nothing more than an oily tangled mess of doll hair!
No matter what I tried, it did NOTHING to reduce the mess! ugh! NOT GOOD!!


It works to help make my hair soft and silky!
Why not my daughter's doll hair right??
Again, I worked a healthy amount  (read; bog ol glob of Mayo) into the tangled mane.
Then, instead of going right for the comb, I tried to separate the strands by hand.
I gently worked with the precision of a brain surgeon...


Almost the same results as the olive oil test above...
But this technique was better in my opinion because the smell of the massive ball of haywire hair smelled like the beginnings of a deviled egg, 
So, of course, I had to stop what I was doing and make deviled eggs...
I make GREAT Deviled Eggs! 
I made them...  
We ate them...  
We were happy!
...Well...  everyone except the doll...   she was crying because her hair was still ugly AND she doesn't have a mouth that actually functions, so she couldn't enjoy the amazing deviled eggs with the rest of us...
She just had to sit there... all Mayonnaise-y and watch.


Fabric Softener-
I used Gain Apple Mango Tango because it simply is the best smelling fabric softener in the World, ever and ever Amen!
I mixed the liquid Apple-Mango Tango heavenly smelling softener in a small bowl with a little water,
2 parts Gain & 1 part Water.
Then I submerged the tangled mess of doll hair into the bowl and let it sit there for about 2 hours.
Then I started to work out the tangles with a wide-tooth comb.

Results -

It wasn't magic, and it took a little time, But the tangles came out!
Now...  the end results did include some split ends that, even after I was done, still looked a little frizzy, but I gave her a quick trim and she is good as new!
I give this one two thumbs up!


 Hair Conditioner-
It's what I use to tame my curly-tangle-prone-locks!
It works for MY hair!  So... who not the dolls?

I worked a healthy amount into the rats-nest-like-hair..
I then walked away for about an hour allowing the doll to marinate in conditioner.
Then I went to work with the comb trying to remove the tangles.
I found, just like with my daughters fine hair, it worked best while I slowly rinsed out the conditioner...
I has a small stream of water flowing over the hair as I combed.

Results -


This one worked the best!
So...   treat the tangled doll hair like you would treat your own... only MUCH gentler!
None of the techniques were "easy" but, with a little perseverance and time.
The Fabric Softener and Hair Conditioner DID work!

Go forth and untangle your daughters best friends hair!
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