Dec 15, 2007

BMA quote of the week

Keep in mind this event happened on a day that this particular 15 year old boy was acting like a 15 year old boy. ATTITUDE, Hormone-filled, awkward hairs popping out of his chin Ball of Yuckyness.

15 year old son says to mom.....

"Mom, why did you even have me? I didn't ASK to be born you know!"

The very wise and very beautiful mother quickly responds...

"Well... I didn't know it was going to be YOU!"

Not nice, and yes, I , oops I mean she would have chosen him.... I, er I mean she would have just chosen him without the attitude!

(don't worry.... he burst into laughter and had to admit that his mother is indeed the Queen of Smart-as-a-whip, lightening-fast, comebacks to snotty questions.)

I, darn it.. I mean SHE wins!
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Rising Rainbow said...

Perfect come back! I have to say I love it. Considering who it was intended for you couldn't have been wiser! He's lucky to have you.

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