Jan 28, 2008

4 boys & 10 windows.

I have 4 boys.
I have 10 broken or cracked windows.

window #1 -rock thrown at brother (bad aim)
window #2 - rough-housing on bunk-bed. (misplaced kick)
window #3 - baseball (bad pitch)
window #4 - dresser. (bad moving)
window #5 - fell (forgot to prop it open)
window #6 - shoe (thrown into room.. again, bad aim)
window #7 - paintball gun (don't ask)
window #8 - mystery. (no-one has a clue, uh-huh... right)
window #9 - flying screwdriver (left in yard so I ran over it while mowing)
window #10 - broken by "Not-Me" (Not-Me is a ghost in our house)

And people say girls are expensive??!!??
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shay said...

I found your blog from another one I was reading. What fun!

I have 2 boys and 2 girls but also have 2 nephews and a niece. You are right about the window thing. We're down a couple and we've only be here 18 months!

oh and girls don't cost anymore. They're all darn expensive and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything!

ClaireBoe said...

I have one boy and one girl - and one dog.

I have two broken windows, one of which was broken but not out of the sill...until tonight.

Years ago, two little children were horsing around on the couch, and one threw something at the other, which whizzed past his or her head and into the window, breaking it, but not shattering it. It remained that way until tonight.

We suspect the dog was trying to protect us from a cat, squirrel or other harmless creature when he put his head through the window. He was not injured, but narrowly escaped death-by-hubby.

The other window was blown out a month or so ago, when the doggie perceived a threat from the mailman. The mailman who comes to the house every.single.day.

The dog is really very lucky to be alive.

m~ said...

Too funny! Non of our window are broken right now, but that's not to say it won't happen.

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