Jan 18, 2008

Some rules of living frugally

A friend of mine sent me this....
Some good ideas in there....

You should cook at home instead of eating out.

You should not buy a new vehicle if you can make do with an old one.

You should switch off the lights, fan, TV etc when you exit the room.

You should not pay for services that you are fit and healthy to do on your own.

You should not pay full price for any item that will eventually be available on sale.

Thou shalt not pay anything at all for what can be had for free through nature or public offerings.

You should not covet thy neighbor Joneses belongings.

You should not waste – be it money, leftovers or time.

You should entertain yourself through inexpensive means.

You should live by the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse or Recycle.

You should not confuse frugality with cheapness.

I'll add some of mine too.

You should write down every penny you spend. this will help you see where it all goes (I'm working on this one.)

You should always always shop from a shopping list to avoid those impulse purchases.

You should turn off your stuff! when not using it!!

Insulate insulate insulate!

and my personal ones......
I should stay off Ebay!
I should stay off Amazon.com!
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Lacey said...

Ah yes....the dreaded E-bay and Amazon addictions. I too suffer from these....

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