Jan 25, 2008

You Might be a Homesteading Housewife If... (part 5)

1.) Your children have a chalk board full of tally marks & make bets about which barn cat will get the next mouse.

2.) You have ever heard the words.... "Mom.... The goat is out of her pen and on the car again!"

3.) Your hubby takes the family pig to the butchers and by the time he gets there he realizes he has become the leader of a convoy of muddy pick-up trucks full of men from the local diner who saw him drive by and just had to come see the HUGE pig. (he brags about this fact for years to follow.. Fatback, the pig weighed 450lbs!)

4.) The local Vet calls YOU when she happens to run across a homeless turkey or pig knowing you'll take it off of their hands.

5.) You have ever had the local pre-school teacher call you and ask if she can bring her class to your house for a field trip.

6.) You have more than 5 cars a week drive by your place reeeeealy slow to see the "Wife Swap" farm.

7.) The county extension agent knows you by name.

8.) You know what a treasure & wealth of information your county extension office is. and have their number on speed-dial!

9.) You hear or say the words "I'm Fixin To..." more than 10 times a day.

10.) Your husband has ever called the local feed store and asked them to hide the baby chicks because you are on your way down there.
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