Apr 2, 2008

Wife Swap Videos 3

The Rule Change Meetings.
This includes the infamous "Stew episode"

(I do NOT usually look like this!..Well.. NOT THIS bad......Oh My.... Extremes y'all... that's what it's all about.)
Oh.. and The Man-of-My-Dreams is NOT that mean and scary of a guy... but he does play one on TV.

This clip shows the Knife/Stew incident and The Man-of-My-Dreams tried Meditation.... HA!

Together again!!!

There was no big drama at our table meeting. We all got along just fine as a matter of fact.

thats it for the videos...
Now go and forget you ever saw these!

and remember.... They used the fat & ugly lens on me.
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Quadcam79 said...


thanks for posting that...that was great "bless her heart" LOL

Tatersmama said...

They did NOT use the fat and ugly lens on you... SHAME on you for even thinkin' that way !!
I know who I (and everyone else who saw this episode) preferred !
Can I come live at your house?

Anonymous said...

Dana...I found your profile from something that was featured on Foodgawker and I just had to say that I really loved the clips from the show! I don't have cable, so I had never even heard of this show, but wow...what an experience! You rawk, sister! Beautiful family, too. ~Krista

Athena said...

Now I know why I like your blog so much! You are a cool lady!

I definitely like your family better than the other.. yikes! They don't know how to do anything. I sure hope they always have money to feed their clueless-ness, lol.It's scary to even imagine being that helpless like how they raise their kids. Imo ;).

You are pretty, don't know what you're talkin' about with the camera thing!

MomItForward said...

I am totally amazed. How did I not know this, here you are famous and I've been rubbing shoulders with ya for what? WEEKS!

I'm off to actually watch these...


I've got a question for you about guest posting for MomIF.. you interested??

Cottage said...

Dana, oh wow, those videos were awesome!!!
Did I hear that man say he realize his kids were spoiled?
I think you are Gorgeous!! Beautiful eyes, skin and your HAIR is fabulous.
I think you are courageous and rich because of the life you lead.
Tipping my cowgirl hat to you,

Ariel said...

i thought that was kind of funny how the older girl thought your rules were bad enough to cry over... oh no, not "family time" and crafts! LOL

though, if it was about seeing the animals that were going to get eaten, i could understand if they're not used to that :D

Anonymous said...

I found this website by accident while searching for steak cooking tips on Google and I had no idea this was you!! I LOVED this episode of Wife Swap. I think I saw it a year or two ago. I loved how you made those spoiled girls squirm...I couldn't believe them! You rock Dana!

Domestic Goddess said...

Dana, I don't like the wife swap shows or most reality shows. But I'm glad you were the good person and not the superficial witch. Please don't say bad things about yourself. You are beautiful heavy or thin. And I'm sure your family thinks so too.

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