May 24, 2008

Parenting tip #683

I'll never understand the way my boys think.
A few days ago I went to the store and bought an assortment of these.
I filled a pretty glass container with the candy bars and set them on my counter.
When the boys got home from school you can imagine their excitement, because I rarely buy big candy bars for them. (mean ole mom)
They all asked for one....
"Not now" I said. "They are for something special, I'll explain it all later tonight."
For the next several hours they would pass by the jar and sigh, looking longingly at the chocolate bars.
Finally, I called them all into the room and sat them down. I explained that the candy bars were rewards for behavior that was considered above and beyond the expected, to be determined by me.

Now, let me explain, my kids are very helpful and hard workers for the most part. They are respectful, I don't know what I would do without them around here while the Man-of-My-dreams is working out of town.

I went on to give some examples of the kind of behavior I was looking for.
Someone does something that would make you mad and you dont get all angry.
Pitching in and helping even when it's not your job, and doing it with a smile.
just simple stuff.... above and beyond the norm.

My short people have their daily chores as part of living in this household.
There is also a list of some extra chores they can do to earn extra pocket money.
They can choose to do these chores whenever they want. Some are big some are smaller, but they are all work and not the fun jobs.

Cleaning the hen house (scraping lots of chicken poo)
Cleaning the Great Dane pen (again... Poo)
Gathering manure (yep, you guessed it, more poo)
digging and removing rocks for the garden bed expansion.
organizing and re-arranging storage shelves.
things like that.

These extra jobs come with set prices. some as small as $5 some as much as $40 depends on the degree of difficulty & time they take to complete.

well.. the boys haven't been too eager to complete many of these extra jobs lately.
Even though they would equal a substantial pay day.

I bought candy bars. less than one dollar each.
ALL of the chores are either finished or being worked on.
all for a candy bar!
I wish I would have thought of this earlier....
I could of saved myself a bundle!

.... silly boys.
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8 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

dykewife said...

i tell you, testosterone does something to the brain cells that makes men a totally different species than women.

out of they still get money for doing the chores as well as the chocolate bar?

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

thats what's so funny! I asked them and they opted for the candy!
I mean they could have bought several with the $. silly silly boys!

Jenn said...

How funny ! That would work on my boy but not on his two older sisters ,he can still be bought cheaply !

Anonymous said...

I will do chores for you for nothing. I don't want or need chocolate bars, or $'s, just some basic accommodation for a few days in october

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Ooooooh more cheap labor? bring it on! ;)

Wendy said...

LOL That's what chocolate does to the brain!

Anonymous said...

My DH is about to hit the road next month, and I worry about my big two helping out...I shall use this! TY!

C said...

Oh...the power of works for me, too!!!

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