Sep 22, 2008

"After Ike" Back to Normal?

The Man-of-My-Dreams went back to work today.
There is no place for him to stay in Louisiana so he will be driving back and forth each day/night for awhile.
I don't like that.. but we have no choice yet.

The short people and I did pretty well without Daddy home.
Kept the generator humming when needed.
Cooked dinner (pork tenderloin & kraut, mashed potatoes and corn YUM)
We waited for the insurance adjuster but he didn't show up yet... maybe tomorrow?
We got more ice.

Well the trip for ice was not without incident.
I managed to get side-swiped by a big ole truck who's driver was not used to our narrow country roads.
Luckily he was very nice and terribly sorry, I've already spoken to his insurance company and things should work out fine.

Guess what else?????
I took a shower!!
I real shower!
With hot running water and everything!!
You have no idea how nice it is to feel clean! well clean until I had to spray myself down with mosquito spray because the blood-suckers are fierce right now.
But boy oh boy does a shower make ya feel brand new!

Oh... and I saw some mighty fine lookin men on our road today!
They were better lookin than the anesthesiologist was who gave me drugs when I was dealing with a birth gone wrong!!
I almost kissed them full on the lips....
They were from the electric company!! and they were working on the lines to our road! These are the first we have seenso I'm thinkin I got just a tad over-excited.

progress people.. I smell progress!

More Soon....
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Bethany said...

Congrats! We had some VERY nice boys from North Carolina at our house yesterday, so I understand your excitement!

Fingers crossed for power for you and the fam!

- your spoiled rotten, city girl, little sister

Bridge said...

I know that feeling - the shower-followed-by-mosquito-repellant-perfume feeling. Here's hoping the weather cools quickly and the power comes on faster!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting, I hope they get it fixed quickly!

I am still thinking of you and your family.


Nina said...

I feel for you. I blogged last week about not having power and water for 5 days, and your right there is nothing like a good shower, but I have no right to complian in comparison to what you are dealing with. Glad to here no one was hurt in the accident.

Hope you get power back soon...

Robin said...

I've been catching up on all your updates and OH MY WORD. You're practically living like a pioneer.

Praying for your sanity (cuz mine would be gone) and the electricity to return. I'm guessing it's good the kids can get back in school during the day?

Susan said...

I had to laugh. I knew exactly who you were talking about when you first said "good looking men." I live in Florida and in 2004 three hurricanes went over our house. We lost power for at least a week each time. I'm glad that you and yours are ok.


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