Sep 11, 2008

Are YOU Ready? Ike

I posted about our hurricane preps for Gustav almost 2 weeks ago.
We were lucky and Gustav didn't hit us.
But.... Ike is on his way.
He is a HUGE storm and we are on the dirty side.

We have decided that it will be best for us to leave for this monster.
All of our preps are still in place from Gustav...

read the list for the first few days of pre-hurricane preps HERE.

This is what happens next...

12 hours before evacuation

-Make sure all gas tanks are full (again)
-Board up all windows with ply-wood.
-Put bedding and necessary clothing into the RV.
-Throw extra feed/hay to the animals. (we may not be able to get back home for several days)
-Pack up breakables. (pictures in drawers, TV's on beds...etc)
- Put oil lamps into stove (I know that sounds strange.. but they will be safe there, and we can find em when we get back home to no elec)
- pack guns & ammo into RV
-fill coolers with enough drinks & food for at least 4 days. (pack food frozen.. saves on ice and keeps longer)
-hang towels/blankets inside of small windows with no ply-wood (catches flying glass)
-double-check that anything fly-away-able is tied down or put away.
-check oil in cars/trucks.
-start loading the RV, truck and Suburban with must save items and anything that we may need while we are gone....

more soon.

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Anonymous said...

Be safe. Saying many, many prayers for y'all. My BBF is in Houston, and my cousin is along the coast..


Anonymous said...

Stay safe. I will be praying for y'all.

Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

Stay safe!

Rock Star Maternity
The Domestic Engineer's Union

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