Sep 3, 2008

the joys of competition.

as you know, I have 4 young-men-folk under my jurisdiction, ruling, power care.
I love each of my 4 son's deeply.
Why must boys make everything a competition?
  • I can run faster than you.
  • I can hit harder than you.
  • I can eat faster.
  • I have more arm-pit hair.
  • I have bigger muscles.
  • My girlfriend is prettier than yours.
  • My farts smell worse than yours.
  • I fart more than you.
  • I'm taller.
  • I'm stronger.
  • I can pee further than you.
  • I can work harder than you.
  • I'm older than you.
  • etc etc etc...
Why? seriously.... WHY??
In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter who got there first?
There is NOTHING that they will not turn into some sort of competition.

Do they think there is some grand "I'm better than you" committee watching them ready to hand out the "I'm the best farter" award?
Is there a prize I don't know about for the boy who can pee the furthest?

Is it the testosterone?
Is it that pesky Y chromosone?

Huh?? Well.. Is it?!?!?
I didn't think so.

ok I feel better thank you very much.
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Pat said...

They never outgrow it either. Just watch men, everything is a competition, they just learn to make it a little less obvious-they think women do not notice.

dykewife said...

it's to drive the women folk around the bend.

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