Sep 2, 2008

Today's eye twitch.

There are several things that make my eye start to twitch...

1. Continual poking of my upper arm while saying Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...
2. Jazz music.
3. Sitting in the dentist chair.
4. Long car trips with Veggie Tales playing over and over in the CD player.
5. Hearing people chew ice.
6. "Mom!! He's looking at me!!"
7. Christmas shopping in a crowded Mall.
8. Crumbs in the butter.
9. people biting their fingernails.
10. Algebra!

My eye is twitching like crazy because school started last week.
Two of my young-men-folk are in High school.
They are both in Algebra 2.

This is the problem that set my eye off today...

Solve A=1/2bh for b.
Then find the base of a triangle with a height of 6 inches and an area of 24 inches.

ok... I was able to figure out the answer = 4.
But I cannot and never have been able to figure out how to come up with that answer by doing the problem in an algebraic way!
I can give you the answer all day long.... But they require you to show your work and I don't do the work the right way! grrrrrr

yep.... I cannot help my boys with their homework because "I do it wrong." and they are right!
twitch twitch twitch!
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Stephanie said...

I am dreading the day my kids start bringing home algebra homework I hated math and especially hated "showing" how I got my answer. Imagine hating math when your the offspring of a math major. Joy Joy

mama bear bugga said...

i dread the day i have to help with math homework. o.O

Michele said...

I hate to admit this, but I got hung up on a 2nd grade math problem earlier today...what will become of me when my kids get older?! Better pull out the old tutorials and math textbooks. Ugh.

dykewife said...

when i was a kid i'd lament at my dad because "he was doing it wrong". of course, it turned out that his way was easier, but it was still not the approved way of doing things. i'm hearing that now from boy. i don't know what way they do it, but it's a whole lot harder their way than mine.

was simple substitution not good enough?

Bethany said...

I know I'm late, but here's your answer anyway!


How'd you get 4?

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

PS - sorry for making your eye twitch with my ice chewing! (Though probably not sorry enough to stop.)

Milehimama said...

I hate to rain on your parade, but your answer isn't right. b = 8.

But I didn't figure it out the *right* way, either. No, I did an organic mathematics train in my mind visualizing squares and halving them.

Lori Gilson said...

I love helping my daughter with Algebra, but I do get "stuck" on problems sometimes.

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