Nov 21, 2008

Dumb Mom Moment #493

I have told you numerous times how I am trying to live more frugally.
I have been buying my kitchen staples in bulk.
This helps in many ways.
I can buy my staples when they are on sale and save money.
And I never find myself in the predicament of being out of something when I am in the middle of a recipe.
I have been pretty darn proud of myself.
I have large glass containers of flour, sugar, rice, pasta, beans, salt, and various spices lining my counter-tops.
I love the fact that the old jars I use make my kitchen kinda look like an old fashioned general store.
Today I realized a MAJOR flaw in my plan.
I was making the kids a pitcher of fruit punch.
They were thrilled to have a sugary sweet, brightly colored beverage to gulp.
I used ice cold water, measured the heaping cup of sugar and stirred it until it was all dissolved.

I filled up the Little-Foreman-in-Pink;s cup with the fake juice beverage.
She excitedly took a big swig...

"Eeeeeeeuuuuuwh!!" she yelled and made a terrible face.
"It's Yucky!!!"
Oh good grief! I was getting pretty agitated.... I was being a good mom and making them this totally unhealthy treat and she was gonna complain?!?!?

I told her to drink it and be quiet.
She tried it again.
and started to cry....

Bulk Storage Tip #13.
Always label your jars... even if you think you know whats in them....
Salt looks an awful lot like sugar when it's in a big glass jar!


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janie said...

i had my baking supplies in the big glass cracker jars. i wrote on them with a sharpie marker because not only does salt and sugar look a lot alike, but so does flour and powdered sugar. i got tired of having to taste them. i also had different colored lids on the powdered sugar and flour jars, but that only helped me, not the rest of the family. baking soda and corn starch look a lot alike too, so those smaller containers got written on as well.
now i have my most used baking supplies in square tupperware containers and the flour is in a much larger container. the others are still labeled though. :)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a time when we were raising our kids. My husband had fixed "lemonade" koolaid and one of the kids complained. He told him to hush and drink it or do without. Later, we found out he had forgotten to add sugar. :) Margie

Erin Tales said...

LMAO! Oops!

JANE said...

I'm sorry but I'm still laughing!!!

Bethany said...

it still had to be better than that orange drink worker #4 made a couple weeks ago. Even HE refused to drink it, even though he was so proud of making it himself!

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Meggin said...

Now that is funny!! I can see myself doing that. In fact - once upon a time, I was out eating in a new cafeteria place(might have been in Korea) and I had french fries. I put salt on my fries, lots of salt. Then I took a big bite - hmm... sugary fries are not so good!! Ooops!

Oh - and can we have the Ultimate Cheeseburger soup recipe - or is it already on here and I missed it?

SavvySuzie said...

aw man!!! I had to label all of my jars because we need the nutritional info for calculating carbs, so I just cut the nutritional table off the bag and tape it to the outside.

Tammy W said...

ROFL!!!! Whew! I thought it was just ME!!!

TLTATER said...

At least I know I'm not alone in these little oopsies! Thanks for a good laugh...even though I'm sure your little foreman in pink wasn't laughing!

Rose said...

Oh my, poor Little Foreman in Pink. You know this could happen to anyone, I guess? No, No, I am only kidding, I am sure it could happen to anyone!

carol at A Second Cup said...

The life of a mom is never boring! Thanks for the smile.

Goddess said...

I learned the key to the salt vs. sugar question is that sugar is sparkly and salt is dull. My problem is with the packages in the freezer. I often say before dinner, "We're having ribs, stir fry or pork chops, depending on what this turns out to be when it thaws."

Kiki said...

LOL Yuck! Poor kid :)

Kate said...

Hey - fellow twitterer. I feel like I've been here before, maybe I have, I don't know. But I like the site! Ah, the farm life, gotta love it. I'm from a farm and ranch here in the middle of nowhere North Dakota...always good times on the farm.

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