Jan 25, 2009

This World Wide Web thing may be a keeper!

Yes, I think that this Internet thing might stick around for awhile.
I like it.
Not every new fad that comes out catches on.
Lots of things that we thought were gonna be great were major flubs!
Like, Clear Pepsi, Emu & Ostrich meat, BETA movies, and Asbestos.

The World Wide Web is proving itself as a useful tool.
I can shop online and find things that are not available at the mom & pop stores out here in the boonies.
I can search and find great recipes that I may have never been exposed to any other way.

Yesterday The Internet Proved its worthiness to me.
I was on some social networking page, FaceSpace, or MyBook, something like that and I was able to find a dear dear friend from my past!

We'll call him Donnie.

Donnie lived next door.
Donnie was my best friend.
Donnie and I were like peas and carrots.
But we lost touch when I moved to Texas.
There has not been a week when I didn't think of him and wonder where he was.

After finding each other
We had a wonderful long phone call.
We have one of those special relationships where we can go 11 years without talking, pick up the phone and it's just like we never missed a beat.
Our phone call was a wonderful walk down memory lane...
We laughed about our past.

He was my first Boyfriend.
He was the first boy I french kissed, then he told me I did it wrong!
We spent countless hours playing flashlight tag.
We would walk and talk for hours.
We would sneak late at night and watch "Talk Sex with Dr. Ruth" on the TV when my parents were sleeping.
He trusted me enough to let me put make-up on him once. I used an old bright blue Mary Kay eyeshadow that you had to wet to apply, and he believed me when I told him it was permanent and would never wash off.
Together we spent hours and hours digging through an old abandoned barn to "rescue" wild kittens. (I still have the scars to prove it!)
We shared chemical burns to our eyes and noses when we tried to make cinnamon hard candy for Christmas.

He was my rock when my brother Dan was killed.
His shoulder was the only shoulder that could comfort me when my heart was broken by random boys.
I think I knew he was gay before he did (but I didn't tell him that at the time)
He knew all my secrets and I knew his.
Finding Donnie has filled a hole in my heart that could only be filled by him.

So, I am endorsing this thing they call the internet.
It's a good thing!

I think we should keep it.

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jayedee said...

oh man! it's not good to make me so all over gulpy this early in the morning! i'm so glad you found your friend!

Cindy said...

Dana, yes this internet thingy needs to stay.......I have found so many of my BFF's that when we were growing up and moving on to college we always said we would never lose touch.......and you know how that worked out. I am still trying to find my bestest friend ever (she's one that after a few years of not talking, we pick up like we haven't been out of touch). It's wierd how you chose this topic today, I've been hunting for Holly for a couple weeks now and was starting to get discouraged........you've upped my energy on it! Thank you!

Bethany said...

yeah, the internet just might stick around! :o)

I'm so happy you found Donnie - and I'm excited for him to visit! I can't wait to see what he has to say about the farm.

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

KittsKrafts said...

Yes, there is no question about it. It definitely can make miracles happen if you are trying to find someone you lost! It has for me. What a blessing it can be! =^..^=

sue said...

I too have a friend like that. He was my best friend for years. Then I left home and we kept touch for a few years. But lost contact about 10 years ago. I had an issue come up recently that I just had to get his opinion on. Love small towns too. My brother found his mother's phone number in the church directory. She'd moved to a different city no wonder I couldn't find her. It was wonderful to talk to him just before Christmas. I hope we never go 10 years again.

Sab said...

That is so sweet! BFF's are awesome!

I also love the internet!

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