Feb 27, 2009

Nowhere near perfection....

It's been brought to my attention that there has been quite a debate going on about lil' ol' me.
It's been said that I act like a perfect wife and mother on this site.
It's been said that I am trying to emulate Martha Stewart or some other "perfect" person out there.

Once I regained my composure from laughing my fool head off, I got to thinking...
I think I spend more time making fun of my imperfectness on this site than I do spreading the Gospel of the all knowing Dana.

I am a wife.
I am a mom.
I am a daughter.
I am a sister.
I am a friend.
I am a blogger.

On this site I do try to spread some of my experiences in parenting, cooking, homesteading, marriage and frugality.

But there is indeed more to me than meets the eye here.
I get mad.
I get stupid.
I get raunchy.
In other words...
I am a real person!

Deal with it!

Oh and...
I do have another little unknown site that is a little bit more uncensored, if you're looking for it.

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7 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Tatersmama said...

Boy, I certainly wasn't in on that "perfect" debate! I LOVE the fact that you're normal and down to earth and have your moments of screw-ups just like the rest of us.
You may be slightly more "organized" than I am, but I like the fact that you always tell it like it is!
You're REAL and I love that about you!!!

Chickenista said...

Why Miss Dana, that's why we love you. *batting eyes* Basically it sounds like you have one person very jealous of you out there! Screw 'em. You're cool thier not. LOL I think your straight shootin' not a covered in fluff type blogger. So I have no idea where their gettin this from. You rock!

ginnie5 said...

aww heck we're all human! it gets me that some out there think theirs doesn't stink. I love reading your blogs!

Lacey said...

Okay Dana, I missed out on the "Perfect" debate. I've been here off and on mostly silently for over a year reading your posts and usually laughing my hiney off. Those of us that read your blog regularly know that you would never presume to consider yourself "Perfect". I personally love your witty sense of humor as well as the little glimpses into the woman that you are. As long as you keep blogging I'll continue to have something to read in the mornings while I try not to spit coffee all over the computer screen when you come off with something hilarious.

God bless!!


Chickenista said...

¸.•..¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•.. (¸.•.. .•.. ¸¸.•¨¯..• . . * + * * . + * .*. . * + * JUST * + . + . . * + . + * . * + * . + *SPRINKLING.* + . + . . * + . + * . * + . + , *YOUR. + * BLOG. + * + . . * + . + * . * + .* . * * + . * WITH.* . + . SOME. * + * * . + * . . * + * * + . *+ * + ..LOVE .....* + + . . * + . + * . * + (¯..v..¯) ..*.¸.*.. ¸.•..¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•.. (¸.•.. .•.. ¸¸. •¨*+AND.* + . + * . * + . . * . * AN * + . + * .* +. .AWARD
I left you an award on my blog!

rebel said...

I love your blog! Don't change a thing, it's great and you are just bein' you and that is what makes your blog so enjoyable.

Spicybugz said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now. Yes I'm a lurker ;). I love the way you write and your down to earth honesty. I also really like reading your recipes. Actually your blog is one of my favorites to read.

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