Mar 21, 2009

I want His Dentist!!!

Can't Type....
Laughing too hard!...

I know... I know...
I shouldn't laugh at the poor boy.
I'm sorry...
not really, But I know I should be sorry.
That counts right?

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Tatersmama said...

Nah... you really want MY dentist!
He's gentle, he has great drugs and he's a real hunk o' eye candy!
I almost wish I could go back to him again, 'cause they sure didn't have that gooood stuff when I was younger!!!
(and the four eye thing? So COOL!)

HotSauceDaily said...

"Is this gonna be forever?" - best part!
I've heard the audio of this clip on radio shows for weeks... this is the first time to actually see the video!

Thank you! Hilarious!

Sab said...

hahahaha... too cute! Must be better than MY dentist!

Katidids said...

You have 4 Eyes!!! And the look on his face! OMG Too funny!

Chickenista said...

You always find The Greatest!!!!
I wish my dentist was as giving with the fun stuff!!

****♥I awarded you on my blog♥****

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