Mar 9, 2009

A Secret.... And I Need Your Help.

A baby brother for Otis The Killer Boston Terrier!!
He comes to the farm next week.

Now.. we need a name!
Something cute like Otis.
He is the breeders favorite, and so far, they call him Sputnik, I love the name, but also would like something that goes better with Otis.
We need a new name to add to Sputnik!

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tabitha said...

Amos. Owen.

Carol @SheLives said...

I like Sputnik. That's kinda cool.

How about Rufus? Otis & Rufus.

I also like Tabitha's idea; Amos.

mbeek said...

How about Rufus?

He's adorable, and looks like a Rufus to me!

Have fun!

Jo said...

He is tooooo cute! How about Otto? But I like Sputnik too!

Angelena said...

He looks like a Roscoe

Christina said...


Teresa R said...

I also vote for Sputnik, but barring that, how about "Vator" in Otis Elevator! ;D ...or am I the only one old enough to remember these things?

rebel said...

Milo, as in Otis & Milo?
Redding, as in Otis Redding?

He is adorable.

Pat said...

He looks like a Maynard to me.


Katie said...

milo. from milo and otis, of course.

or hank. hank is good, too.

sparticus?? or is that too out there? i should stop now.

Shelby said...

I gotta go with Rufus! That was a good one! And he does look like a Rufus!

Tani said...

Sputnik is pretty darling! If you must, must change his name I have a few...
Milo - oh so obvious
Otto - very easten european - sophisticated yet tough.
Orville - like the popcorn guy - but it sounds good with Otis
Sinatra - it doesn't go at all with Otis, but the blue eyes! If you hate Sinatra, how about Frankie?
Enjoy the new addition to the family!

Patty said...

I vote for Pugsley, after all he is a Pug.

Your going to love this breed. I have a three year old female. Mine is great with kids, and gets along well with the cats. This breed is very devoted and loving. I am looking forward to reading about the adventures of your new baby.

JennyMac said...

I say Chip cuz with his beige coloring and dark brown ears, face, paws, etc. He looks like a Chocolate Chip Cookie...He's so adorable I could eat him up!

Mee2 said...

I love, love, love Pugs. I had one when I was in junior high. Her name was Maggie. Good luck on finding a name!!

dykewife said...


SavvySuzie said...

You could call him Spunkmeyer...then every time you call the dogs you will be reminded of cookies :)

You have an award!

some chick said...


milo was mentioned already.

Chickenista said...

I'm going with Sputnik, thats so cute, not all common and it goes with Otis. Otis and Sputnik...yea I think so. Practice calling them to eat see if it feels right, thats how I named my kids LOL (not really)

grandmamargie said...


Anonymous said...


Tammi in NV

Jennie said...


Marcy said...

We had a friend who had a little pug who looked just like this little fella... his name was Tabs - short for Tabasco!

bekjo3 said...

Spunkemeyer as in Otis and Spunkemeyer cookies... Yum.

Kristi said...

I love the name Hector for pugs. Don't ask me why... it just fits!

Lacey said...

Milo, or Otto, or Cody

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