Apr 23, 2009

How To Study Like a 16 Year Old Boy.

In the past 16 and a half years of my life, I have had the opportunity to watch my young men folk grow and learn to make their way through life.

First steps, first words, first stitches, first heartbreaks, first jobs, first cars, first kiss..
There have been lots of firsts and lots of accomplishments.

Take school, for instance, when they started I helped steady their little hands as their chubby sticky fingers tried to hold the pencil the right way.
I helped them form their first squiggly ABC's with fat brightly colored crayons.

I spent hours flipping flashcards containing multiplication tables until they memorized them all.
There were countless pre-spelling test tests at the kitchen table.

There were even several late nights helping finish that forgotten project that was worth a major grade and due the next day.
I've helped them study for tests, teaching them good study habits.

Now that two of them are in High School, they don't need my help anymore.
They study alone.
They know how to do it.

Besides.... I am no longer the smartest & prettiest Mommy in the world like I was when they were in 1st grade.
I have morphed into an annoyance who knows NOTHING and who's sole purpose in life is to bother them.

As they are preparing for some major tests this week, I have tried my best to let these men handle it.
I am not butting in.
I am not telling them what to do.

Tonight was a MAJOR study session.
I sat aside and observed.
My boys have studying down to a science, and I thought I would share it, step by step, with you.

Get ready to take notes....
Your gonna need em someday to share this amazing study technique with YOUR little scholars.

Click HERE for the step-by-step tutorial.

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Holly said...

Amazingly girls study in a similar way, only taking breaks for make-up renewal, hair-do change, a quick phone call to a friend to 'find out what we need to study' which turns into a chat about friends, classmates, boys and how UNFAIR it is to have tests. Of course, they add the above to your sons routine, to add some variety!

Elyse said...

Hahaha, just read the list. You had me laughing at number one. My brother always used to loudly announce that he had a test. Oh man, what a great list!

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