Apr 15, 2009

My Chinese Left-Overs Can Beat-Up Your Chinese Left-Overs! (Bourbon Chicken)

As I continue on my quest to make my favorite restaurant meals at home
I have been spending a lot of time testing Asian foods.

I love Chinese food!
I perfected Shrimp Lo Mein.

Now, I have the perfect recipe for Bourbon Chicken!!
Did you know that there is no actual bourbon in Chinese Bourbon Chicken?
What's up with that??

I made it for the kids and their various girlfriends last night.
All the plates were licked clean!!
It tastes just like it does in my favorite Chinese joint!
And, trust me when I tell you, my kids are the best litmus test for any food!


Dana's Bourbon Chicken

The complete recipe can be found on my cooking site,
Craving Comfort. or by Clicking HERE

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Lara said...

Excellent pictures! The food looks so delicious. I can almost smell how good it tastes.

uummm said...

I made this tonight except I used pork instead of chicken...WE LOVED IT! Thank YOU Dana for posting these recipes. You have me cooking out of my comfort zone and it is so what we needed! Plus it helps me save money by NOT buying when I have all the ingredients I need to make it.

Lady Rose said...

this is my daughter's favorite meal at the Chinese restaurant - can't wait to try your recipe! thanks

Elyse said...

You're just perfecting recipes all over the place! This bourbon chicken sounds totally out of this world. And, to boot, you've given me a craving for shrimp lo mein. Hmm, I may have to put both of these dishes on the weekly dinner menu!

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