Apr 28, 2009

Root Beer Cookies!

They are soft and tender.
Full of Root Beer flavor.
A nice cookie!

The Complete recipe can be found HERE

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Screwed Up Texan said...

Mmm, sounds delicious! I love rootbeer and cookies so this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing.

KittsKrafts said...

Mmmmmmm...They must be delicious!

Katidids said...

OHHHH these I have to make.. thanks for sharing! Just know the next five pounds are YOUR fault!LOL

Anonymous said...

SO those root beer cookies look amazing! Just found you from a link and really would like the recipe however the link is not working. Is it my computer? Will try at home as well but in the meantime can you check yours.

Unknown said...

It's working for me.
try this direct link.


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