May 6, 2009

Beauty & Substance

I often ask people who live in the city if they plant a small veggie garden.
I promise that ANYONE can have something growing that they can eat.

Apartment dwellers can have a "Salad in a pot" (lettuce, tomatoes and a cucumber plant in a large pot) on their patio.

Any small corner in a small city lot can easily squeeze in a small (3x3) vegetable plot.

Any flower bed can also hold a vegetable plant amongst the flowers.

The smallest windowsill can hold small pots for herbs.

Cucumbers or beans don't need much soil space.... just a fence to climb, and most city yards have fences already!

The newest reason I've heard is that people want "pretty plants" in their limited spaces.
They don't want to use their precious space for plants that don't add beauty and color to their landscape.

Who said you can't have both?


This is my summer squash.
These plants are covered with BIG beautiful yellow flowers!
I'd say this flower is just a pretty as just about any other I've seen growing in a flowerbed!

These onions add height and a clean fresh look to your garden with it's long dramatic tubular leaves and stems supporting it's puffy white cluster of flowers. This one is almost three feet tall!

Cucumber vines can easily cover an ugly fence with big green leaves sprinkled with happy and bright yellow flowers.

Want more interest and drama?
My freaky lettuce plants fit the bill!

It's time to think about form AND function.
There is nothing better than producing your own food!
You control what goes in it, on it, and around it.

And you don't have to sacrifice beauty for home-grown veggies!
Try it!
You'll be glad you did!

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Stone Bridge Farm said...

Nice pics!

Screwed Up Texan said...

I think I need to add my cilantro to the front yard. It's taken over, but is sure is pretty and smells good too!

Dutch donut girl said...

I love your pictures.

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