May 20, 2009

Cliff Notes, Catch-Up

I’ve been looking back at this month and my posts.
I noticed I am kinda slacking.
So, I figured, I should play catch-up.
Here is the Cliff Notes version of life on the farm.

Planted my garden.
Weeded the garden.
Ate a tomato.

Went fishing.
Saw a Bald Eagle.
Ate Hot dogs NOT fish for dinner.

Baked a banana cake.
Ate the banana cake.
Gained 13lbs.

Mowed the lawn.
Saw three snakes.
Screamed louder than the mower.

Bought a new coffee cup.
Drank coffee.
Dropped and broke new coffee cup.

Buried a dead Great Dane.
Crawled under the house and got 4 newborn kittens.
Cleaned up 413 piles of Pug puppy poop.

Bought a new serving platter.
Broke the new serving platter.

Weeded the garden.
Picked 33 cucumbers.
Made cucumber salad.

Thought about blogging.
Watched a movie instead.
Gained 7lbs from the popcorn.

That’s about it.
Consider yourself updated.
You can thank me later.


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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Screwed Up Texan said...

Brilliant! Did you make cucumber salad with all 33 cukes? That's a lot of cucumber salad.

Lola said...

Was there coffee in the coffee cup when you broke it?

Annette said...

I loved your cliff notes update - laughed so hard! =) Sad to hear about your new cup and platter.

Sticky (just a little) said...

L I love you - but I hate that you have produce already!

Kim said...

We are just now able to start planting things out here in Idaho. You suck! I can just taste the fresh tomatoes! mmmm!!! Here's a nudge to get back on track with the weight loss. You can do it!!

Elyse said...

Wow! That's a lot going on. No wonder you haven't really found the time to post. By the way, I watched a movie and ate popcorn the other night, too--and it was fabulous!

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