May 3, 2009

Cool Feelings...

You've spent the day running errands, renewing your driver's license, getting a fishing license, parent/teacher conference, grocery shopping, etc... You get home to have your son point out that you are wearing your shirt inside-out... That's a cool feeling.

You get a beautiful floral delivery, something that NEVER happens. You call your husband to thank him and have him on the phone while you open the little card that came with the flowers. Only to then realize they were NOT from him! That's a cool feeling.

You run to Wal-Mart, your 16 year old son sweetly takes the cart to the truck ahead of you to unload the goods. You drive the 25 miles home only to realize he left your purse in the cart in the parking-lot!!.. That's a cool feeling.

You're fishing at a local lake, as your boat makes the turn into a little cove, you notice some movement in the sky and realize it's a Bald Eagle!! That's a cool feeling.

Your son tells you he doesn't feel well, right after you tell him to do his chores. You tell him to suck it up and get busy, only to realize 30 minutes later that he has a temperature of 103. That's a cool feeling.

You race back to the Wal-Mart where your purse was mistakenly left in the shopping cart, almost an hour ago and find your purse, still sitting in the cart, untouched! Now... THAT'S a cool feeling!

These were MY cool feelings of the past 48 hours.
What were yours?

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dykewife said...

cooking supper at work and not creating a ton of leftovers.

getting home from work and leisurely setting things up for the evening at my spot.

watching quantum of solace with the family.

there's more but i'm tired.

DianneT said...

Wow, that reminds me of when I had teenagers and was runing around doing all that stuff! I have so many stories like that. Here's just a little one. It's your son's birthday. You run to the store to get some chips and Cokes. As you get out of the car at home, the bag breaks and the Cokes go rolling under the car. So you have to lay on the ground to get them out. Once you get them in the house, you call the bakery to see if the cake is ready. They have no record of you ordering a cake with all the special decorations that you put on it as you stood in the store 5 days ago ordering it. What! So you make them double-check and they can't find anything. On the way home, you sit and talk outloud to yourself that you were positive you ordered the cake at that store. But was it possible you ordered it at another store?? Now you think you are going crazy. So you call your friend to ask her where you ordered the cake and she tells you the same store you ordered it at. So you get home and look at through the groceries to see if you have some cake mix. Then the phone rings and it's the bakery and they want to know why you haven't picked up your cake! What! So you tell them the story, they tell you that you are not crazy, the lady you talked to didn't look in the right place and then you drive to get the cake and your son's party turns out great and you fall into bed that night exhausted!

Katidids said...

camping with 30 other families this weekend & no dishes....
lots of homemade wine.....
removing 3 ticks from unseen parts of my body....needed a mirror...a big mirror..
watching grandson ride a 2 wheeler for the first time....
lightly sunburnt baby (BAD grandma!)
smores....lots of smores!

Sab said...

Wow! That is some 48 hours!

Cool feeling for me is realizing that in my sleep I jumped a marathon jump over the bed and landed on my feet on the floor. Weird!

sue said...

Looking out the window and seeing a Sand Hill Crane looking in at you. Talk about a cool feeling.
Went to WalMart and left my purse while trying on shoes. Went back to WalMart and asked if they had it. No. Retraced all my steps that day and went back to WalMart a third time (with in an hour) and "oh yeah, someone brought it in about 2 hours ago."

Bethany said...

At least your wardrobe malfunction didn't make people think you were a lunatic!

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Gardengurl09 said...

I am too tired to think right this moment, but I could definitely feel for you!

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