Jun 27, 2009

The Magic is Gone!

A mother's kiss...
Is there anything better?

The power of my kiss is one of the things I love about being a mother.
My kiss has healed, or at least greatly improved, many skinned knees, bee stings, smashed fingers, bumped heads, broken arms, infected ears, stitched-up foreheads, fat lips, and countless other boo boos.

But I am becoming more aware everyday that my kiss is losing its magical powers.
As my children grow older, my kiss can't "fix it" anymore.

For example, Worker #1 (17) called me today from work.
He is working for his third year with his uncle at the Big University as an intern and lives with him for the summer.

He was so upset he could barely talk...
"Um... Mom", he said in a shaky voice that caused my heart to jump into my throat with anxiety.
"I wanna come home" his voice cracked and I could tell he was holding back full-blown sobs.
"Honey?!? Whats the matter?" I asked as I held my breath waiting for his response.
My mind was racing... Had he been in an accident? Has someone done something to him?
Is he hurt? Is he sick?
What was wrong???

The three seconds it took for him to compose himself enough to reply seemed like hours.
"I just cut some guy's thumb off." He sounded so upset, so remorseful, so lost, he needed me.
It was NOT his fault, but his actions did, in fact, cut off someone's thumb.

This child is tenderhearted.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
And he just hurt a coworker. Badly.
I pressed for information and did my best to comfort him.

All I wanted to do was wrap him in my arms, kiss him on the head and reassure him that everything was gonna be alright.
But he was an 1 1/2 hours away.
He was at work.
There was nothing I, as his Mom, could do.
He was on his own.
"I gotta go.... The Ambulance is here..." and he hung up.

I sat there, my heart breaking for my son.
I knew how bad he felt.
I knew how helpless he felt.

I knew there was NOTHING I could do to make it better.
Not even my kiss could help this time....

I would like to go on record as saying:
I am NOT impressed with this parenting phase!

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H.E.Eigler said...

how heartbreaking for everyone involved. My little one is only 2. She says 'mommy diss it' for every bump no matter how light. I can't imagine the days when I won't be able to make it better and I feel bad for you! He'll always need you though, no matter how old he is. Even if it's just for an ear instead of a kiss.

AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

This actually brings me to tears..for my own self because I know that as they get older I can't "fix" the things I used to be able to fix, but also for my girls (and specifically your son) and the hurt that they feel when things like this happen. My heart broke for your son when I read this...I also have gentle and tenderhearted children and know that they would carry something like this with the weight of the world. I will pray for your son....and for you that even though your "mama's kiss" doesn't fix it immediately, that you know the right words to be the comfort he needs.

Jeremy said...

Wow, I can almost remember being that young man. Never cut anyone's thumb off, but there is something about good parents that bring so much comfort to you when you are in need. Great post!

Dutch donut girl said...

I don't think the magic has gone at all. He called you, and that says it all. He needed comfort from his mom.

Katidids said...

I agree witht he rest of the posters....He CALLED YOU! That verbal southing voice (kiss) only a Mom can provide..keeping you all in my prayers

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