Jul 17, 2009

Oh No!!... Oh Yeah!!

The day I have dreaded for so long has finally come.
We have a licensed teenage driver in our house!.

And 2 more right behind her!
Step-Daughter (18) now lives with us.
It's wonderful finally having all of the children together under one roof.

The first thing she wanted to do when she got to Texas was get her drivers license.
She passed the test with flying colors and is now on the road.

Workers #1 & #2 will have their licenses this summer too!
Lord help us all!

As much as them driving scares and worries the heck outta me, I have also found out that there are good things about it too!

I no longer have to re-dress at 10pm to run out and pick up a gallon of milk when we are out.
She gladly runs to the feed store when we run out of feed.
She takes her brother to the store when he just HAS to have gum.
She is thrilled to hit the road for any reason!

Parents out there everywhere dreading the day your kids become mobile,
Look at it this way..
  • It's not just one of the more terrifying things to deal with as a parent.
  • It's NOT just another sign your getting older.
  • It's not just a HUGE raise in your insurance premiums.
  • It's not just one more step towards a quiet empty house.

But.... It's less for you to do!

And... You now have POWER!!
  • Don't wanna listen to me? NO CAR!!
  • Gonna talk to me with THAT tone? NO CAR!!
  • Wanna get bad grades?? NO CAR!!
Thats POWER Baby!!

I almost wish I had that power sooner!
Like maybe during during baseball season?
The thought of NOT going to 7 practices a week?

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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Katidids said...

We always loved when they drove...your correct its wonderful leverage. Another tip, make them buy the car, you buy the tires! That way, late one to many times? They get up to a car on blocks because yes they bought the car.....but you own the tires! Only had to do it once. Yes, we are that mean!

Dana said...

I LOVE it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, it's exciting and terrifying at the same time. Just wait til ALL of the kids are in the same car and it goes down the road as you wave goodbye. Now THAT'S scary!

Hey, congrats on having the food photo of the day on Recipezaar (7/19). You're quite the photographer!

Kathy (duchick@gmail.com)

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