Oct 15, 2009

Finding Fall.

Ahhh the beautiful sights of Spring and Summer...

The trees are green.
The flowers are blooming.
Children are running through sprinklers.
There is a constant hum of lawnmowers in the distance.

And in Texas,
You sweat like a stuffed pig.
Mosquitoes are threatening to carry off your young children.
You can grill meats on the front seat of your truck.
Drought kills your vegetable plants not matter how much you water them.
My chickens lay hard-boiled eggs!

In Texas, we long for Fall.
We dream of Fall.
Fall is when we get the two weeks out of the year that we can actually turn off the Air Conditioner and open a window.

Fall usually comes this time of year.
But today?
It's gonna be 92 degrees outside!
Oh.. and did I mention the 327% humidity?

Can you say Bad Hair Day?
And a very disgruntled Dana who longs to wear a sweater someday.

and yes, this picture was taken yesterday!

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5 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Lisa D. said...

You could be here in northern Alberta where it froze and snowed extra early this year. We've been below 0 (sorry, that would be Celsius - about 25 or 30F) for 2 weeks now (and we shouldn't be yet), but today should be should be melting. Yayy!

Gingerella said...

So....why do you live in Texas? ;)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

come up north a few hundred miles!!!! it's plenty chilly here, and the snow will be flying before the end of the month!

Chickenista said...

Sounds a lot like AZ!! I keep hearing about people who are cold and yes we did just have a few days of 70's but today my AC is cranked.... Thank goodness its dry though with my hair I'd look like frankenstiens wife.. *eek!*

FireMom said...

At least it's a BEAUTIFUL picture, right?

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