Nov 1, 2009

It ain't getting easier

When I had my first child,
The endless nights with no sleep as we went through colic were hard.
The sleep deprivation was hard.
The constant worry, wondering if I was doing everything right was hard.

As my children got older...
The teaching was hard.
The dealing with snarky attitudes was hard.
The worry as they gained some independence was hard.

Now that my oldest is 17, I am realizing that this parenting thing doesn't get any easier.
As a matter of fact, this newest challenge may be one of the hardest so far.

See this cute couple?

This is Worker #1 and his girlfriend of 2+ years "M".
They are young and in love.
They spend every waking minute together or at least thinking of each other.

They are adorable together.
They make a really sweet couple.
As his mother, I couldn't have hand picked a better girl to be his first love.

But today, they are both devastated.
You see...
Today "M" moved to Pennsylvania.
It was a very sudden change of events.
They found out Thursday afternoon that she would be leaving on Sunday.

It's been a very difficult few days, filled with sadness and tears, promises, and good-byes.
We are all sad and will miss "M" deeply.

I am realizing that trying to comfort your child through his first heartbreak is one of the hardest things I have had to do as a parent thus far.

I miss the days when My magic kiss could make things all better.
I miss being able to "fix" things.
I miss the days when my love was enough to bring him joy.

When my mother told me things like, I wish it were me hurting and not you....
She meant it!
I would gladly have it be my heart broken than his.

I have no words to make him feel better.
My hug isn't enough.
Only time will help heal this wound.

This parenting thing stinks sometimes!

Add one more thing to the list of
"Things they didn't tell me when I had a baby!"

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dykewife said...

while this won't take away from the sting of what he's feeling, he has the advantage of the internet to help him through this. we didn't have instant messaging, email and voice chat capabilities. all we had was the post office and once in a long while, if our parents let us, long distance calls.

that doesn't take the place of the heart beating beside him, it does help keep her somewhat closer, at least for a while.

Patty said...

I feel bad for your son and his girl, and for the families. I know how hard it must be to see the kids heart broken. Just tell him to keep his chin up. Long distant romances do work and if the love is real and srong they will make it until they reach a point in life where they can finish school, get jobs and find a way to be together. Hugs

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