Mar 4, 2010

When Life Throws Crap At You....

Use it to fertilize!This week has been a rough on for me on the home-front.
Being forced to make some very difficult decisions on how to handle a bad situation, to which there was no clear-cut "perfect" answer, has left my heart hurting, my soul exhausted, and my mind questioning itself.

The fact the The-Man-of-My-Dreams is currently working 7,000 miles away didn't make it any easier. I was essentially on my own.
I was faced with a crisis that needed an immediate response, and I dealt with it the best that I knew how.

As the dust began to settle, I found myself (as I often do) rethinking each and every word I said, each law I laid down, the consequences I enforced, and the reasons for each of them.
In the end, I believe I made the right choices for my family. But.. that does not make tough love any easier.

This emotionally draining week could have very easily left me curled up in a fetal position in the corner of my bedroom sucking my thumb!
But alas, I'm a parent... an adult... and Life must go on.

I have a new motto...

"When Life Throws Crap at You....
Make Fertilizer!"

That's exactly what I'm doing today!
Today, I'm starting the garden.
I'm digging in the earth.
I'm pulling dead weeds and removing them from my garden.

You can't have a healthy garden when there are invasive, and sometimes dangerous, weeds in the plot.
Young, tender plants need protection and guidance to grow properly and develop a strong root system.

Growing a garden full of happy, healthy plants isn't easy - it takes a lot of work, it is sometimes unpleasant, and you most certainly will get dirty.
But the rewards are SO worth it!

Until they grow....
I'm waiting....
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Mari said...

Sorry about the tough stuff (crap if you like) coming your way...nothing more invigorating than to getting rid of weeds, tilling the earth and planting new plants...ahhh...fresh new life! It is rewarding isn't it? I need to go clean out my earth box and get some new herbs to plant and have that new sense of joy too. Thanks for the post and encouragement! You are doing great!

Jessica said...

Hope your week gets easier. It's never easy to deal with tough situations all on your own.

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