May 29, 2010

Cooking (and Serving) a HUGE Crowd.

Lets say you wanna throw a big party.
Lets say you wanna throw a HUGE party.

Kinda like our Annual
"Triple Birthday Bash & Crawfish/Low Country Boil"
That just happens to be TODAY!

Lets say you wanna be able to actually enjoy that party without being strapped to the serving table refilling your biggest Tupperware bowls with yummy food for your hungry guests.

What do ya do?
Cooking for a huge crowd isn't really that hard, once you get an assembly line going.

But having all that food accessible to those guests without running yourself ragged re-filling them can be a challenge.

It's time to think outside the Tupperware serving bowls and large disposable aluminum pans!

Why not toss that hot BBQ chicken, or cold potato salad, or hamburger patties, or crawfish, or shrimp, or crabs, or hot-dogs into a clean ...

Igloo cooler?

  • It's food safe
  • It's easy to clean
  • It'll keep your food hot or cold forever.
  • It has a lid to keep our pesky flies and dirt
  • it's portable!
  • you can find em in any size you need
  • they are reusable!!
You need even more room than the biggest cooler can hold, you say?
I posted more ideas and pictures on the cooking blog, Caving Comfort...
Just click HERE to see em all!
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