Jun 27, 2010

Suck It Up...

"Suck it Up" is what I told him when he said he wanted to sit on the bench the rest of the game.

It was a hot, sweltering, Hell-like 100 degrees outside.

They were not having a good game,
It just wasn't their night,
There were errors, and just plain old bad luck running rampant on that baseball field,
It was the first time they were getting beat BAD this season.
It was NOT one of their funner games.

"Suck it Up" was what I told him when he told me his hand hurt when he batted.
This came after I watched him play all day with no pain what-so-ever.

"You play in in the bad games just like you do win your winning... Go Play!"

"Suck It Up"
is what I told him when he said he wanted to go home.
"The game is almost over, we'll do better Monday baby.. hang in there."

"Suck It Up" is what I told him when I dropped him off at the end of the driveway when we got home and told him to bring the trash-cans down the long driveway to the house.

"It's amazing how your hand only hurts when you don't want to do something and it's fine when you are getting your way."

"Suck it Up"
is what I told him 2 hours later in the ER when he couldn't pick out a cool color for his cast that was now on his Fractured Thumb!

"Suck It Up" is what I'm telling him today when he points out that if he would have been born to a Good Mother, she would have taken his pain a little more seriously.

... I suck.
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MamaTea said...

Nah, you don't suck.

Suck it up. ;)

Been there, done that. You just write about funnier than I do. :)!!!

walkertxkitty said...

It happens. "Suck it up" is what I told my foster boy when he whined about breaking his collar bone. I figured, he's in a group home and the state will take care of it.

I saw him yesterday and they never set it. It's had no medical attention at all.

So I guess I'll join you over there in the "I suck" benches...I ought to have called it in to the state when he said it wasn't getting any attention.

Domestic Goddess said...

OH MAN.... This isn't the same one who had his appendix removed is it?

My daughter blames me for her deformed finger because I said "you probably just jammed your finger suck it up."

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid camping, I told my dad my head hurt. He told me to suck it up and keep hiking.

I passed out from heat stroke.

My dad sucks too.

I haven't done that to my son yet, but I'm sure I will

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