Aug 16, 2010


Hi, My name is Dana...
I've been kinda burning the candle at both ends.
And, at the moment, I feel like I am hanging on by a thread.
I decided It was high time to get myself organized and make a "To Do" list.

I thought it would help things seem a little less overwhelming.
I thought it might calm me a little bit.
I thought it would help me see that things aren't really as crazy right now as I thought they were.

here is the list of things that need finished today.

1.) Empty dishwasher.

2.) Make breakfast for the kids.

3.) Finish re-arranging the kids bedrooms and making room for our new 17 yr old girl to move in.

4.) Take 17 yr old for his football physical.

5.) Call and make a neurologist appointment for 18 yr old with a torn disk in his back (and try to stop worrying about his back)

6.) Call and make dentist appointments for 6 yr old who has 3 cavities!

7.) Call and make a eye Dr appt for 14 yr old who "lost" his glasses.

8.) Take 11 yr old to the Dr to find out why the ear infection from hell isn't gone yet.

9.) Defrost and clean out freezer to make room for the pork that needs picked up from the butcher.

10.) Go to the laundry mat and wash 73 loads of dirty clothes (because Yes... they sent me the wrong part for my broken washing machine, for the third time!)

11.) Call my lawyer and confirm my court date.

12.) Buy school supplies for 6 kids that start school in one week.

13.) Football practice.

14.) Attend meeting to get information about select baseball league.

15.) Make final decision on the logo for my new business.

16.) Get a DBA.

17.) Go get a Tax ID.

18.) Try to find someone who can come out and fix my broken oven.

19.) Change the water filters so the water doesn't smell like rotten eggs.

20.) Get the oil changed in the truck.

21.) Pick up the pontoon boat from the repair shop.

22.) Clean up this house before I lose a kid in here!

23.) Meet the teacher night at 6 yr old's school.

24.) Attend "Fish Camp" at the high school for the 14 yr old.

25.) Make dinner.

26.) BURN THIS LIST and come up with something else to make me feel a little less frazzled.

Ummm... yeah.... I feel better!
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Rachele said...

Holy crap. That's way too much for one day. Go back to bed. You're making me feel frazzled.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Where's the beer?

MamaTea said...

Um, wow. I don't think I could get all that done in a year! You go, Mama. Or don't. We won't tell. ;)

Rose said...

2 options:

1- The journey of a million steps begins with the first..

2 - Or else just change into jammies, lose the list and eat ice cream from the carton while watching chick flicks..

Joanna said...

Holy cow, no wonder you're frazzled! I feel like volunteering to help you just so you stay sane!

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