Aug 7, 2010


All bloggers are just a tad narcissistic, I know this, if we weren't we wouldn't broadcast our lives and stories and pictures out there for anyone to read.

But a little narcissism is not a bad thing...
It is what makes you smile for the camera...
It helps motivate you to be competitive and successful in your career...
It is what drives you to look good, smell good, and act appropriately...

I am not a good narcissist.
Yes, while I blog and tweet every detail of my day and am happy when people read is and even happier when they talk to me about it, the majority of my posts and tweets are actually talking about what a screw-up I am.

I have a hard time telling people what is good about me.
I become very uncomfortable when I'm being interviewed and the questions turn towards me instead of my blog, or family, or farm etc...

I feel like some impostor when they talk about me and or my accomplishments.
I get sweaty palms and wonder how long it will take them to realize I am a complete and total fraud, not interesting to talk to, know NOTHING and escort me off of the property.

I get e-mails from people asking me...
"How do you DO it ALL?"
... ummmm do they READ this blog?

I do NOT do it all!
I suck at doing it all!
I'm happy if I remember to brush my teeth in the morning!

My house is never all the way clean (unless the Man-of-My-Dreams is home and cleans it).
The laundry is NEVER finished.

I don't do it all!
Well.. let me correct that...
I START it all...
But I finish, NOTHING!

This week, I had to take a break from being a bad narcissist and actually "sell" myself.
I was informed that I needed a "hub" and a bio online so my new clients and sponsors could get to know me and see what I had to offer.

I called my sister and begged her to write it.
She informed me that she was an editor NOT a writer and she would gladly edit it for me, but that was it.

I ended up piecing different bios about me together to form something that didn't make me want to puke up my toenails more than 23 times.

Basically a hub/Bio is nothing but a bunch of...

"I'm awesome!"
"You should want to work with me!"
"I'm great!"
"I've done this..."
"and THIS..."
"and THIS too!"

. . . puke!

I'm happily going back to my comfort zone of laughing at my many MANY inadequacies.

if you'd like to be sick of me too, I'm not sure why you aren't already!

You can check out my hub at
Get a barf-bag ready!
Don't say you weren't warned!
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MamaTea said...

Narcissistic? This whole blogging thing *is* a little strange...a girlfriend once asked me if its wrong to WANT people to comment on what you write. I told her if you didn't want people to comment, why would you put it up on the web??

I think what you wrote on your bio is fabulous. The best part is you seem personal and approachable...which I'm assuming, is what you were going for!! :)

walkertxkitty said...

It's a problem all artists have (and I do think that bloggers and writers are artists or I wouldn't be one). I was surprised recently to be told by someone I didn't even know that I was "known" for my writing and for my summer presentations at a conference I attend.

That was news to me. I'd always thought of it as a chance to spend money on books that did not come out of my allowance and to run my mouth in front of people about a subject I liked. It never occurred to me that I was actually good at it or that I should be putting myself out there.

Just guess who needs business cards....

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