Nov 20, 2010

My Favorite Gifts for the Kitchen.

I love finding new products that help make life easier, are affordable, and are just plain cool!
I love sharing them with you too!
I have partnered with Open Sky to help get the word out about some products I personally use and love.

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I thougt I'd start with things that are on my gift-giving list!

I'll start with Gifts for the Kitchen...
The Salsabol!   

Dont'cha hate it when you take a big old scoop of salsa with the perfect chip and your chasing the salsa all over the bowl and right out of it and onto your table? 
The Salsabol has a specially designed lip that stops that from happening!
It's cute! 
It's functional!
And at $13 it's an affordable gift!

Check it out, or buy your own here! The Salsabol

The Flirty Apron (cocoa lime) 
For Mom & Me

It's no secret that I love aprons!
This is one of my favorites!
And the fact that I can have a matching one for my Daughter is GREAT!
It is a quality 2-ply apron that washes well and looks Great!
And the ties are more than long enough to reach around even the most well-fed chef! :)

You can get your own here (adult size)  Flirty Apron in Cocoa Lime
Child Size (fits 3-8 yr olds)  Child's Flirty Apron in Cocoa Lime

Maple Syrup Powder

I grew up in the north...
The land of Maple Syrup...
I love real maple syrup.
But... in Texas? We have no maple trees.
So..  unless we wanna spend crazy amounts of money to buy teeny tiny bottles of it, we are out of luck.
Well, I was until I found the wonder that is Maple Syrup Powder!
It's 100% natural maple syrup.
No additives, nothing artificial.
I use it in cooking and baking.
Sprinkle some of it onto your sugar cookies or even onto your baked beans!!
Or, follow the directions on the package and re-constitute it into a syrup.
It's wonderful!
Check it out here.  Maple Syrup Powder (1lb)

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

I love Love LOVE my sealer!
I literally use it every single day!
I use it to re-package meats and cheese I buy in bulk into manageable size packages for the freezer.
I use it to package bulk-cooked meals and leftovers into individual size servings for the kids to grab and reheat for lazy cooking nights.
I mean.. It's like TV dinners for them.. but made from MY homemade cooking, I know what went into it, I know how it tastes. It's perfect!
Things don't freezer burn!
Things don't spoil or dry out as quickly!
I love it!

I even use it when we go camping to keep toilet paper dry and safe!
I cannot and would not have a kitchen without it!
My FoodSaver Vacuum sealer is worth it's weight in gold!
Get your own here! FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer.

I'll share more soon..
Until then,. Happy Shopping!

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CottonLady said...

Oh, I love aprons, too! Especially the cobbler aprons like my grandmother always wore...the half aprons just don't cut it. I also have a FoodSavor! Wouldn't want to do without it.


Meg said...

I really love the idea of maple syrup powder! Even here in Canada maple syrup costs an arm and a leg.

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