Nov 3, 2010

When He's Here...

As I've whined, bitched, cried, sobbed, complained mentioned before, The Man-of-My-Dreams works far far away in Kazakhstan every-other month.
When he's gone things are a little "off"...

But, When He's Here...
  1. The House gets thoroughly cleaned.
  2.  Fish get caught.
  3. We go to the lake every week-end.
  4. Lacey underthings come out of the drawers.
  5. The car gets fixed.
  6. There are countless trips to the home improvement store.
  7. I don't blog.
  8. Large amounts of Mexican food is ordered.
  9. I wear perfume.
  10. The bathroom gets re-modeled.
  11. The fences get fixed.
  12. I don't return phone calls.
  13. Weatherstripping is installed on windows.
  14. My legs are shaved.
  15. Leaking pipes get replaced.
  16. Chin-hairs are plucked.
  17. The boats go into the water.
  18. I'm in bed before 10pm.
  19. The truck has more than a half-tank of diesel.
  20. NASCAR is on the TV.
  21. I don't write.
  22. The kids listen better.
  23. The bed gets made.
  24. The pastures are cleaned.
  25. He buys me an iPad! (whoo hoo!)
  26. Ridiculous amounts of beef is flame broiled and consumed.
  27. I wear shirts without stains.
  28. I'm whole.
Yes, he's only been home 2 weeks and every single thing on this list has happened!
I'm happy he's home...
I'm whole again.,..
I'm exhausted from trying to keep up with him!
Pray for me...
... or send cheesecake!
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