Jun 6, 2011

(I promise You'll LOVE it) Italian-Stuffed Zucchini

Ah...  It's Summer in Texas...
That means the kids are out of school...
The sun is shining...
The kids are running through the sprinklers...
and every car has it's windows up tight, and every door locked.

No, this is NOT because crime rises with the hot temperatures..

It's because Summer is when the zucchini is ready to be picked!
It never fails....
You plant zucchini = you WILL plant too much and have to find a way to get rid of your excess!

Every driver who mistakenly left his window down during church, will inevitably come out and find a paper bag full of zucchini sitting in their seat.  

Here is my favorite way to use this wonderful veggie!

Things are BIGGER in Texas!!
And my YUMMY Italian-Stuffed Zucchini is NO exception!

can you say yummm?

Your kids won't ever care they are eating a green veggie!

I dare you NOT to love this dish!

Find the full recipe on my cooking Blog by Clicking   HERE
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Max said...

lol, love the idea of passing the extra zucchini's on to your fellow neighbors at Church.
It looks divine, I'm sure even my child might eat it!

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