Jun 16, 2011

What Did YOUR Lunch Look Like?

Mine looked like this!!
The person who taught me what real love is...
The person who made me a Mother...
The person who broke my tailbone...

Turned 19 years old!

We decided to meet for lunch in downtown Houston.
I told him he could pick anywhere he wanted to go eat.
I figured he would pick some burger joint,
Maybe some place w/ half-naked waitresses serving greasy hot wings.

Instead, he chose the most fabulous and little known Japanese restaurant!

Nippon Japanese Restaurant was wonderful!
I loved lunch!
and I love the Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Craig!
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Kim said...

What a fun thing to eat for lunch! I love the picture of your son with his little sis. I was the little sis with two much older brothers and that picture reminds me of how they were such heroes to me. I adored my big brothers - they were the coolest most amazing people in my eyes at that age. It's great that your daughter gets to have that.

Homesteading Chic said...

How cute! Happy birthday to your son.


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