Apr 19, 2012

the Evolution of a Mother through my kids eyes

It goes something like this....

 When your children are-

 0-6yrs old = "My mommy is the prettiest and smartest person in the World!

 7-11yrs old = "My mom knows a LOT... but my friends know a lot too." 

12-15yrs old = "My mom doesn't know nearly as much as my friends do!"

 16-18yrs old = "My mom is so stupid! I really don't understand how she hasn't forgotten to breathe and dropped dead yet!"

 19-21yrs old = "My mom is SOOOO out-dated! I wish she would just shut up and let me live my life! I know what I'm doing.. SHE doesn't have a clue!

 22-29yrs old = "I'm not sure... Let me call mom..."

 30+ yrs old = "I wish I would have listened more to my Mom, She was right!"

 50+ yrs old = "I don't know what to do... I wish I could call my Mother... I miss her wisdom." 

I'm stuck in the too stupid to breathe phase for now...
I'm looking forward to the day I get my brains back!

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Cyndi said...

It DOES happen, Dana!! My DD regularly posts on FB positive, "My Mom does/says ...." when giving advice to her friends. My oldest son calls me for advice. Only one left in the 'Mom's stupid' phase ....

taramthibodaux said...

My son is 12, but he is in the 16-18 year old phase. Maybe that means he will get to his right mind sooner too? Probably wishful thinking on my part. I am telling ya, I have come to really, I mean REALLY dislike 11+ year old boys. I can't help but wonder what my 8 year daughter is going to be like. Right now she is still sweet as sugar, and I am hoping that she stays that way. lol. Again, probably wishful thinking on my part. Any advice?

HH said...

Oh my goodness my husband and I just cracked up laughing at your post, our daughter has just turned 19 and your description was so spot on, thanks for the laugh, it's nice to know we're not alone lol.

Marlene said...

I have had a great time laughing at your posts. Thank you and so right. I have 5 kids of my own and 11 step kids, yes 11, Brady Bunch has nothing on me. But seriously I am greatful, my kids are great and am in several of your areas of mom hood. 28 yo married daughter, 17 yo son, now lives with his dad so I am dumber than dirt, ask them, and my 11 yr old identical triplet boys are really great but fit into the seriosly you tried what category. ( Iwas so much like them, OMG help me!! I blew up the milk house wall making a rocket ship at 5yrs old, so who am I to complain, and yes dad there was fuel in that tank, I filled it how can you go to moon with out it! My poor Dad, God rest his soul he earned oud to say chose to live with me after it with me. My step kids are from 34 down to 26, yes my ex was unfaithful, but kids I am proud to say choose to live with me after divorce, even step kids, so I hounered that they chose me. Life is an adventure, live it and smile. My name is Marlene Williamson and am on face book alot, would love to blog, am taking a course to learn how, should be fun. PS girls get crazy around 12, stock Midol!! LOL

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