May 30, 2012

Cocktails for a Crowd (Dana's Texas Fire Water)

I hosted the Memorial Day cocktail hour  at the lake this weekend.

It was a packed resort and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what fun drink I could serve that would be yummy and easy to make for a huge (200+ ppl) crowd.

I suddenly remembered a drink I kinda accidentally created years ago wile I was a bartender, catering a huge summer beach party.
It is Summery, It is YUMMY!, It is easy, it makes a TON!
It was dubbed "Dana's Texas Fire Water" by the folks I first served it to.

The Memorial Day Bash was a huge success and everyone LOVED the drinks!
I promised to post the recipe here, so they could all make it for their friends.
You can make it too!
The full recipe and lots of pics can be found on my cooking blog.
Craving Comfort

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