Aug 26, 2012

Life Lesson #327 (Why 3?)

That first cup of Coffee in the morning,
The Smell of a camp-fire,
Making Home-made bread,
Fall Leaves,
A brand-new pen that writes like silk,
The Cold side of the pillow,
Chewable Ice cubes,
Hearing an old song that takes you back in time,
Old broken-in Blue Jeans,
The first scoop out of a new jar of Peanut-Butter,
Home-Grown tomatoes,
A soft fluffy towel that's big enough to completely wrap all the way around my big butt,
Milky Way candy bars,
The smell of fresh cut grass,
Eating wild chives straight out of the yard,
Real Apple Cider,
Good Hair Days,
Hearing my children giggle together in the next room,
Thunder storms,
The smell of rain,
Fitting into once-too-tight Jeans,
Being the first to walk in freshly-fallen snow,
Holding Hands,
Having all bills paid,
A kitten purring,
Home-Grown eggs,
The top off my Jeep,
Winding country roads,
Sleeping in,
Family Dinners,
Humming birds,
A good cry,
An unexpected phone call from an old friend,
Looking through old photos,
Tossing pebbles into the pond,

Don't Over-Look Life's Small Joys Because You're Too Busy Searching For The BIG Ones!

Everybody always asks me why my logo (and the name of my company) is a 3-Leaf clover and not a 4 leaf.

Well... The 3-Leaf Clover stands for "Happiness" and I find that most people are so busy chasing "Luck" or that 4-Leaf Clover, that they end up overlooking the happiness that is right in front of them!

...Something to think about.

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Kim said...

Thank you for writing this Dana. I needed to read that today.

Merlesworld said...

I like all your ideas but walking on new snow it's just too cold.

Barb said...

Hi Dana,
What a fabulous list of 'happiness' you have shared. I love the cold side of the pillow the best. I love to move my feet onto the cold parts of the sheet at night.
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

Anonymous said...

A wonderful list, things I love too,but never even think about as special.

Mary J. Smith said...
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