Aug 23, 2012

Perfect Pot Roast!! (Crock Pot and Oven Methods)

Pot Roast....

It is definitely at the top of my "Comfort Foods" list!

  • Cooking a good pot roast usually takes quite a bit of time & work to get it right.
    Then you add the stress & worry of wondering if it will be tough or dry or seasoned correctly, a lot of people just wait until they can go to Grandma's house for Sunday Dinner to enjoy this wonderful meal.

    Today I'm gonna share my secrets to making a Perfect Pot Roast every darn time!
    I'm going to include the instructions for using a crock-pot and oven, it's your choice!


    Here we go!

    Click HERE to view the full recipe and pics on my cooking blog, Craving Comfort.

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Merlesworld said...

I have only eaten Pot Roast in your USA but we do something like it here with corned beef.

Barb said...

Hi Dana,
THanks for this recipe....I've never made pot roast because I thought it might turn out tough......I'll try your recipe because you say it turns out tender every time.
Barb from Australia

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