Oct 24, 2007

It's just a phase... Isn't it??

Craig is my first-born.
He is a beautiful young man. (oops, can't say beautiful... handsome! that's it.. handsome!)
I love his spirit, he is kind (cept to his younger brothers of course)
He is now 15 years old.
he is already 6'1" and wears a size 14 shoe!!

Craig is a klutz!
He can trip over his own shadow.
Case in Point....
I was watching this child whom I grew in my own body this week-end. We have a new puppy and I asked him to take the puppy (Otis) outside.

Craig took Otis outside and all he had to do was sit down on the porch steps. Sounds simple doesn't it??
He just had to sit down!!!!
I mean, Ya bend at the waist and knees and gravity does the rest right?!?!? Not with Craig!!

He went to sit down and lost his balance... fell to the side crashing through the porch railing. Breaking 1 of the spindle thingies and knocking the other 4 off of the steps.
All he needed to do was SIT DOWN!!!!!

Please tell me this will end..... altho I have been telling myself this is a passing phase for 7 years now!!!

Craig and Chris will get their drivers licences later this year.. Oh My!!!!

Charles said Craig will have his very own parking spot way down at the end of our driveway so he won't come anywhere near our cars or the house. Poor Poor Craig.....

I just may have to take up drinking to get through his teenage years.... **sigh**
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