Oct 24, 2007

Wimpy Men-folk

The first chilly spell of the year has hit the farm... Now, let me clarify the term "Chilly Spell"... No its not the same "chilly" that you northerners have.. (I know cause I was born in Pa) But it was chilly for Texas..... Saturday it was 92f degrees outside! And yesterday/last-night it hit 48f degrees. Big Change!!

I LOVE it. But **sigh** my boys think they are going to Die.....
Chris got into the car after football and said..
"Look!! I'm turning BLUE its soooo cold!!"
Bryan slept with all of his clothes on last-night and went to bed complaining about the fact I haven't finished his quilt yet.
Ben thought it was a wonderful reason NOT to take a shower.. he didn't want to catch pneumonia ya know!
Wimpy Men-Folk Geesh!!!

Now..... keep in mind that the little fragile women of the house were just fine... Brooke (3) had on long pants for once and a pair of socks and was hunky dory! I had on a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt.. no problem

So, being the benevolent mother that I am I decided to fire up the heater so I could take the horrid chill off in the morning for the poor little darlings.

I fired up the heater for a few min last-night to burn off any dust and make sure it was in working order... worked great.

now as I have mentioned before, we have a very old, very tiny farm house. This means NO central air or heat. We have a brand spanking new (last year) propane wall heater. I mean, we live in Texas for goodness sake... it gets used like a month a year.

anyway.. like any gas powered thing it has a pilot-light.
I got ready to fire it up...

1.) I made sure the gas was on to the heater. CHECK

2.) hoped on a stool & turned the knob thingie to 'pilot' CHECK

3.) Held the knob thingie down while I tried to light it

4.) mashed on the black button to light it..... CHECK


5.) I pushed it again....


6.) and again


7.) Gave up on the button and got a lighter.

8.) a tiny poof and the pilot light was lit. whoo hoo!!

9.) I held the knob thingie down for about a min to let it get good and hot.

10.) ever so carefully and slowly I let up on the knob thingie and turned it to the 'on' position....

11.) The pilot light goes out!!!!!

12.) repeat steps 7-11 7 more times!!!!!!

the stupid pilot light goes out each time!!!

13.) hoped off of the stool took a few deep breaths

14.) repeat steps 7-11 5 more times

The stupid pilot light thing will NOT stay lit!!!

I still had 15 min before I have to get the poor freezing men-folk up for school. And I am getting angry at the stupid heater, so I decide to cool off a little bit and hop online to see what I missed while I was sleeping.

My dear friend Reg from Australia was online almost as if he knew a woman in distress would be calling on him. (a little background bout Reg. He and I met over 7 years ago playing backgammon online. He knows me better than most of my "real-life" friends and is very dear to my heart) anyway..... I come crashing online and greet him with something eloquent like "GRRRRRRRR" or something equally as sweet & memorable. He asked me in his calming and reassuring way "Whats the matter love?" (yes, he even types in his wonderful Aussie accent!! **swoon**) I begin my rant about how evil modern technology is and explain the fact that I have figured out that things like this stupid pilot light thingie were designed by the communists or aliens, or someone equally as horrible who's job it is to start my day off badly!

He calmly explains that I need to let the pilot light stay lit for 5 min or so to heat up something for it to work properly. Well that's all fine and good.. but you need to apply like 314lbs of pressure to the little knob-thingie while its lit!! My fingers wont do that! Not to mention the fact that last-night I didn't hold it down for long! Then he says my thermostat might be fried... Great.... Just great! But for some reason I felt better just talking to him.

Now, I have mentioned before that my hubby (Charles) is working out of town Monday - Fridays. Normally that's fine.... I can and do most things by myself and don't need to be rescued by my big strong hubby. But this time I just wish he were here to fix it.

So the poor Men-Folk had to get ready and off to school while trying to fight off frost-bite, and to hear them tell it, they were near death when they stumbled out of the door. Poor Things!!

It is now a beautiful 72f degrees outside. The PERFECT temp!! I have opened the windows to enjoy the wonderful fresh air.... and what am I doing??

Steps 7- 11 over and over again!!! grrrrrrrrrrr Is there anything worse or more powerful than a woman on a mission?? ;)

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2 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Leslie said...

Dana, maybe if you left it at "Pilot" for a while rather than turning it to "on" so soon?

Although, in our heaters (natural gas, not propane, but they light the same way) once the pilot stays lit we're good to go.

But maybe propane is different.

Lacey said...

I know this is an old post for me to be commenting on, but I found you through Pioneer Woman's blog and thought I'd come on over and visit. I too have a wonderful Aussie friend that knows me better than most. Aren't they great?

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