Oct 10, 2007

Wednesday's most embarrassing Moment....

Went to the store this morning, nothing spectacular about that.

As most women my age do, I needed to buy some feminine hygiene products... again.. nothing I haven't done hundreds of times.

I was standing in the very crowded check-out line....
My three year old (Brooke) pulls out the pretty pink box of Tampax and says....

"This is yours Mommy!"
"Yes Brooke, those are mine." I reply.
then while crinkling up her cute little nose she sweetly and innocently says.....

"Mommy.... Don't stick em in your Bottom... Thats N-A-S-T-Y!!!"

As I quickly tried to bribe her to shut-up with candy..
I heard many mommies trying to contain their laughter...
and saw the poor man in line behind me who was wishing with all his might that he didn't need to buy those trash bags today!

I'm thinking it's time for a Lock on the bathroom door.... she does always manage to burst in at the most inopportune times...


kids... it's a good thing they are cute.. or I would have put em down long ago. lol
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