Oct 15, 2007

His Name was Jeremy

I Have never met Jeremy.
I don't know his family.
I'm not sure of his age.
I don't know what he looked like.
I don't know if he went to church.
All I know is that he was from Liberty Texas.
And he was a Marine.

I heard through the grapevine that one week ago today he earned a free trip back home after being gone for awhile.

So today I found myself standing on the shoulder of a usually busy road waiting for him to pass by.

I was so proud of my little town. there were flags lining the road into town, and a huge flag hanging from the bridge in town.

I saw the motorcade coming from a distance.

And I couldn't help it..... I began to sob.

I don't know if it was because I am the mother of 4 boys, one of who's life long dream is to be in the military.

Or if it was because of the pride I felt seeing all activity in my town come to a halt for a brief moment to honor this young man.

Or because in my minds eye Jeremy was the age of my brother who died at 18 yrs old.

Or If it was because I could only imagine the heartache that was contained in the family car following their son.

Or if it was How humbled I was by this young hero's selfless sacrifice protecting ME & mine.

all I could do was whisper "Thank You Jeremy" as he passed by.

It seems so inadequate.

he will be buried Tomorrow.

Thank You Jeremy.
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