Oct 23, 2007

This isn't exactly what I had in mind...

You remember when you were in Jr high and you had to write a paper that started with the sentence....

In 20 years I will be......

Well... I didn't exactly in-vision this...

I said I will be a mother... **sigh** how sweet.
what I got is.... 5 kids tracking dirt and various animals poop on the floor.
4 are boys who spend most of their day seeing who can fart the loudest!
and one baby girl who is tougher and meaner than all of them.

I said I will be married to the man of my dreams....
Well, I am married to the man of my dreams (after marring Mr Wrong) BUT he is now working out of state 5 days a week!

I said I would have a farm.
my adolescent mind saw a farm with a pretty white fence.... A beautiful old farm house with a Lovely Big Red Barn, a beautiful menagerie of animals including the blue bird on my shoulder, all living in harmony, a big garden bursting with our favorite veggies & blooming flowers that rival any flower shop.
What I have is ugly barb wire.
An old farm house that needs remodeling because of its drafty windows and WAY WAY too small size with Mt. Laundry piling up higher by the minute and more of a shed than a barn.
I do have quite an assortment of animals.... The cows need wormed, The chicken house has 3 inches of chicken poop that needs scraped off of everything, The neighbors dogs killing 45 of our turkeys, Pigs that don't understand they are supposed to stay INSIDE their fence, and everyone is HUNGRY all the time!!!
And the garden.... oh my.. this year it was not good.. and lets say... flower shop I am not.

Now.. don't get me wrong... I Love my life, most days. I love my husband and children every day.

But today I am feeling sorry for myself. I guess it's the dreary weather outside, or the fact that I didn't seem to accomplish anything that I had on the ever present list of to-do items.
so I guess we all will have to deal with it.

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