Nov 9, 2007

B.M.A = Bad Mothers Anonymous

I searched and searched, High & Low.. But I couldn't find a website for BMA. So I am starting one here....... I'll start.... Feel free to join BMA in the comment section at the end of this post.

1. My Name is Dana..... And I'm a Bad mother. (1. Introduce yourself, you can use an alias if its too bad!)

2. I promised my son (aka worker #3) that I would finish his quilt for his 12th birthday. It didn't get finished. I'll have it done today... (one day too late!!) (2. confess your Bad-Motherness)

3. My Son (worker #4) lost a tooth yesterday... a BIG tooth... a MOLAR... He was all excited for the tooth fairy to leave him a surprise under his pillow in return for his Big Boy Tooth.... She fell asleep and forgot!!! He was crushed. (3. keep confessing... don't worry.. it's good for the soul!)

4. My daughter (aka the little foreman in pink) wants pancakes for breakfast this morning.... I decided I'm too busy cleaning the kitchen from last-nights birthday party to make pancakes... So she got plain old toast cut up w/ syrup They are NOW called "Mommy's Special Pancakes"! (4. confess it ALL no matter HOW bad it is....!)

5. For his birthday yesterday one of the things worker #3 wanted for dinner was a salad from the Olive Garden. The Olive Garden sent 5 Andee's chocolate mints with the salad..... I ate them ALL! (I'm a BMA and getting Fatter because of it!!) (wow! I suck!)

Anybody else?
(Please let me know I am not the only Bad Mom out there!!)
The first step is admitting you have a problem....
Admit it right here, right now in the comment section at the bottom of this post.
BMA's UNITE!!! We CAN Overcome!
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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Dana said...

Anyone else???

Tracy said...

Do you know how many times I forgot that tooth fairy gig? So many times that I started just handing them a twenty when they lost their first tooth and told them that the tooth fairy was paying for all their teeth in advance.

Dana said...

LOl I LOVE that idea!!!

Sweetlilmagnolia said...

I have forgotten that dang pesky toothfairy also, usually when my guy comes out whinning...I quickly slip a 5 on the floor and tell him he must have knocked it off in his sleep....Once he caught me tapped out of cash and no atm for 20+ miles....I wrote him a note that the T.F. had a stomach virus and would return to work in the next day or too...oooh that was a close one...he had to leave a little extra for the inconvienance....
I once showed up at his school cupcakes and napkins in had for his school party only to find I had the wrong day...I blamed it on my son...."I thought he told me it was today..didnt you say it was today honey...?" Well enjoy these as my treat and I will be back NEXT WEEK on the correct day with more........please forgive this working mom...blaming her overfilled schedule blunders on her only child....bad..bad mommy...maybe he wont volunteer me again....hehehe...

Dana said...

Its good to know there are so many of us BAD Moms out there!! hmmmm now we need to learn the secret handshake! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi, Call me Lucy. I am a bad mom. Over the years with my 3 sons, I have really shown my true colors.
1.The most memorable was when we were in the process of moving to our current homestead 11 yrs ago. We had to stay a night a freinds house as construction had one more day left and we had run out of reserves for the hotel. After stopping at her house late that night and finding it empty and no way in, I had to go to the gas station to call her on the pay phone at work. One of my sons said son #3 had to go potty, but in my frazzled state, I said ok absentmindedly and went on to call. I came out and drove off ignoring what I thought were the usual "mommy checks" from the backseats. Only to get to the freinds house a mile away and find that son #3 is missing. But did I beleive it? No! I had been messed with before by my sons. I thought they were hiding him (they had done this before) and I laughed and played the- where could he be? game. I was then told by son #1 aka know-it-all-loud-mouth that he told me that son #3 was not back from the restroom yet as we left the gas station. I hightailed it back to find son #3 crying with the attendant and told police were called and on thier way and how horrible I was to abandon my son. When the police arrived I tried to explain and they were more forgiving- one even told me his mom did it once too.

2. One christmas season son #1 was being pretty adamant about getting yet another toy I could not afford. I had just finished spending the night in a really bad town because I got to Toys R Us 5 mins after they closed due to a snow storm- and they were the only one who had his #1 toy on his list. I get into the store the next morning soon as they open and was told there was none left...even though I called and asked them to hold one for me. I did find one- in someone elses cart which conveniently found its way into my cart while they were distracted looking at another high dollar toy. Maybe it was the guilt that I carried for causing a child to be disappointed on Xmas morning, maybe it was the stress of spending the night in a bad town in a hotel that had roaches, or maybe I was just tired of hearing "Is Santa going to bring me ____?!" But I blew up and said- you know what? Santa isn't bringing you anything because he decided he was tired of crying, screaming kids who just want things, dogs that bite his butt when he comes down the chimney and stale cookies with warm milk and the resulting upset tummy because he is lactose intolerant. Instead he handed the job off to parents this year and if you don't hush your not getting didly squat! He did hush but for several years after he would ask if santa was working this year and plastic wrap the cookies and leave one of my lactaid tablets beside the milk.
I will come back and post more when I have more time.

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