Nov 29, 2007

A night without short people.

I guess I should say a night without young people. (cause my 15 yr old is 6'3" way taller than me!)

Tomorrow is my birthday.
Hubby is still working out of town, so nothing is really happening around here.
I have decided for my birthday I want one night as a grown-up.

Not as a referee.
Not as a nurse.
Not as a cook.
Not as a teacher.
Not as a maid.
Not as a Mommy.
Not as a chauffeur.
Not as an animal wrangler.

But as an adult woman.
No children yelling. No Mt. Laundry beckoning me from the laundry room. No one asking "Mom, whats for dinner?" or "Mom!! I had it first!" or "I can't figure out this Math! Math is STUPID!".
Wouldn't that be nice?

Today I am going to go spend the night in a ritzy Hotel/casino close to where hubby is working.
The good thing about casinos, is they usually have really nice hotels for less $$ (on week-nights) because they hope you'll spend all your money in the casino. They have wonderful restaurants for fair prices. And.. My kids wont be there! (don't get me wrong.. I love my children.. I really do. But sometimes you just need to get away!)

I don't think it's too much to ask. I mean I am in Mommy & wife mode 24/7. I rarely if ever get a day to be Dana. I think it might be kinds nice to get to know her.
I truly think I'll be a better mommy & wife when I get back!

So all I want for my birthday is a day off and I'm gonna get it!! Call me selfish. I really dont care!! I'm getting a night out! whoo hooo! ;)

See ya in two days!!
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DanaB said...

WhooHoo! I'm excited FOR you!, relax, EAT, read, watch tv, sleep...oh the possibilities ;)

~~ Happy Birthday!!

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