Nov 6, 2007

Reason's He is The Man Of My Dreams. #1 - #4

There are so many reasons I love this man!!
I plan to keep track of some as I notice them...
They are NOT in any specific order, just random.
Lets see why he is so great!

#1 - the way his face lights up when his little girl wakes up in the morning and walks into the room. (You'd think she was the biggest movie star in the world!)

#2 He has to be touching me in bed at night. (even if its just his foot against mine.)

#3 Even when I'm looking my worst, (wild hair, morning breath, fat rolls, no make-up, dirt-under-my-nails, stubble on my legs, food-in-my-teeth, sick & snotty, etc...) he still treats me as if I'm the prettiest girl he knows.

#4 He makes sure the young-Men-Folk and everyone else on earth treats me with respect 100% of the time.

I love these things about him!
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Anonymous said...

Where can I find a wife like you? I hope he knows how lucky he is!

Anonymous said...

Yes.. it sounds like both of you are lucky. Good Job Dana!

Dana said...

Awwwh thanks y'all!! (((blushing))

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