Nov 7, 2007

Build Your Own Fishing Pond!

We love our little farm. But there was one thing missing that we all wanted...
A pond!

So, We decided to Make Our Own!

This is how to do it for those of you who are also pond-less and want to know how its done.

1. Pick a place and hire some guy your brother-in-law knows who has a big track-ho thingie to dig it. (We chose to put ours in the back pasture.)

As always, you can click on any of the pictures for a super-size view.

2. Let it rain!!!! (a sub-pump from the creek helps too!) to fill it with some water.

3. after you have some water in your new pond, go ahead and toss in a couple hundred minnows and maybe a few kids. (the kids really do nothing for the pond, we chose ours for their aesthetic qualities)

4. Put on your fashionable fishing shoes.

(You might want to put yours on the RIGHT feet!)

5. Get some worms, minnows, or shrimp for bait. (a cute little foreman-in-pink to do the dirty work is nice too.)

6. Go fishing!!! (in someone else's pond of course!)

7. It really helps if the pond you are fishing in had fish like these! (you know, Big, Healthy, Cocky, taunting, catfish-that-swim-up-to-you-but-don't-let-you-catch-em kinda fish)

8. Sit and wait for one of those fish to bite.

9. Try NOT to get too discouraged when the first fish you catch is too small to keep.

10. Continue fishing until you have 6-10 nice size catfish & 5 perch on your stringer.

11. Put those fish into a cooler full of water and a small aerator. And RUSH back to your own pond and throw them in!
There!! now you have your very own fishing pond!
Well.... it might take a little more work & time than this, but its a great way to start!
And, Who knew stocking your own pond could be so much fun!?!?
Go Make one yourself!!
You'll be glad ya did!
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Riajul said...

Great Post!!! Looking nice!!This green sunfish is just big enough to be catchable, but just small enough to be pretty hard to make a meal out of unless you're a heron. I've had a time or two where the master fisherman was lurking nearby and would perk up as soon as I hooked something. I'd reel the fish in, then toss them on the bank and the heron would come and gobble them up. I figured reducing the fish population slightly would be a good thing. The heron certainly enjoyed doing his part!Thanks:)

Nicole Martin said...

This is particularly fascinating post. I know one thing that nature has given the chance to live plants and fish so in my pond I used Pondpro2000 to let the live in light of the way that it's Eco-obliging.

fishing said...

Thanks for the great advice.

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