Nov 3, 2007

Child Labor Is My Friend

There are some pretty major jobs that require some pretty major labor needing done around the farm this week-end in preparation for fall/winter.

And, as I have mentioned at least 100 times so far (That's just how NOT bitter and perplexed I am), the Man-of-My-Dreams is working out of the state 5 days a week.
SOMEONE has to do the labor intensive stuff..... When work like this needs done It's one of the rare times that makes having 5 children seem a little less insane. I now have 10 homemade hands to do the Labor...For FREE!!! Makes a tired, worn-out, sagging-from-birthin-babies-Mom happy!

First the old fence around the pig pen needed to come down. No Problem! Worker #1 can swing a pic ax!!

(I just can't figure out why he can't manage to Pull Up His Pants!!)

The leaves in the back yard need raked and burnt or composted. Great! Worker #4 can do that!

( And he does it with a smile to boot! How cute is worker #4??)

New fence post holes need dug with the fence-post-hole-digger-thingies. So we can expand the pasture for Hershey & Paris.
(Also known as The Smarter-than-your-average-cow and the Dumb-Blond - cow).

Ohhh worker #2.. This is a job for you!!

(Just in case they start slacking off I have my little foreman-in-pink there to keep em in line!)

(Check out the little foreman-in-pink's boots! she ROCKS!)

Worker #1 & #4 even helped with the holes!! TEAMWORK Baby!! Gotta love it!

Then my little Foreman-in-Pink inspects the hole to be sure it's just right.

(I just Love the Little Foreman-in-Pink! She does everything with Style!)

Every Now and then The Workers Get a little disgruntled...

Not a problem! We have ways to punish disgruntled workers!!

Tools?!?! You get NO tools!!! Back To Work!! Pull That Post!!!

Now, Before you go and call Child Protective Services on this particular sweat shop Mom.
Keep in Mind that I do allow them to drink at least once a day.

Don't you worry... I HAVE indeed noticed that worker #3 seems to be missing in any "work" shots.... He was probably hiding under a bush somewhere reading the latest installment of Harry Potter, and he will be dealt with accordingly!!

(Oh There is worker #3!! I use the term worker VERY lightly! he came out for the BonFire at the end of the evening. hmmm)

It looks like worker #4 decided he will deal with worker #3 in his own way!! Burn him at the stake!...Or hit in the butt with a piece of an old hose, Both sound good!

Even the little foreman-in-Pink takes time to relax with the lowly workers at the end of the day. How sweet.

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