Nov 3, 2007

Pig Gardeners!! (Rant of the Day)

No, I'm not talking about "messy" gardeners...
well, wait a minute, maybe I am!

I just don't understand it.
Why Oh Why is it that I can plan my garden for months,
Compost the land, sweetly and carefully care for my seeds and seedlings,
give them the proper amount of water & let them enjoy the fresh clean air and warm healthy sunshine, carefully weed them, and pick off any invading bugs, and inevitably something will happen and they will die?!?
Or, If they don't die, they don't flourish really well.

And all my pigs have to do is be a pig and they produce Tons of beautiful veggies?!?!?

Case in Point....
The Pigs went to freezer camp about 3 months ago.
I was walking in their old pen today to check things out and see if the grass was growing back there and LOOK what I found!!!

Beautiful huh? **humph**
All the pigs did was eat the pitiful cucumbers that I grew and they create this?!?!?
This does NOT seem fair!!
These plants were not watered!
These plants were amongst weeds!
They were well fertilized.. that's it!
This cucumber is laying on a standard-sized roll of paper towels...
Well at least I get to eat the "fruits of THEIR Labor" now!
But It DOES bother me that their garden is better than mine this year!
And it's NOT just cucumbers!!
Look at the tomato plants that are all over the pen too!
Does this seem fair to you??
I think Not!!
Next year I'm just gonna let the pigs do all the work!
And I'll just wait for them to feed me!! We'll see how THEY like it!
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Bethany said...

Speaking as a "citified" woman, I think it may be a little gross that you're eating the products of your pigs'... uh, waste. Please don't serve me "farm fresh" cucumbers the next time I'm out!

Dana said...

who says I haven't already?? come on out to dinner!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

omg...Im rolling on the floor actually blowing snot...that is the funniest thing ever. I too am a frustrated planter (farmer wannebe but settling on patio planting) I have nurtured, pampered, water, fed, rotated for full sun, weeded...etc, etc...and have found better specimens in my compost pile near the woods....arrrgh, the angst in it all. Great idea to let the pigs do the work next time...just build a temp. pen over your garden area then move their smartelic little tooshes to their regular pens after they, emm...get your garden Sit back and ejoy a nice glass of iced sweet tea!!!!
still laughing..
Deb in E. TX

Dana said...

ewww to the blowing snot. lol
It was a pitiful garden year for me....
hmmmm there are laws about child labor.... but critter labor is fair game I think... Let them do the work!!! whoo hoo! I think we're on to something here!

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